Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City

Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City

by Moe Dress Up Games
(0 Reviews) June 14, 2023

More About Lovely Cat: Magic Academy Citylication

❣️Welcome to Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City, where you'll embark on a magical journey filled with cute cats and dress up games. ❣️
✨Join us in this whimsical world where you'll explore various enchanting locations, including the School, the Shop, the Dessert Café, and the Cat Garden. Let your creativity soar as you indulge in the world of magic that await!

--------Cats: Your Lovely Friend--------
✨Cats are more than just pets; they are your friends.In Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City, every cat has its own unique mood value that requires your care to maintain their happiness and well-being. You need to feed, bathe, pet, and play with them. Through these simple caregiving tasks, you can ensure an increase in their mood value, leading to their happiness and contentment.

--------Dress up Your Cats--------
✨In "Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City," you have a huge wardrobe at your disposal to dress up your cute cats in various styles.From head to tail, you can give them a complete makeover with different pet outfits and even some whimsical magical accessories.
✨Express your inner super stylist and create the cutest and most stylish looks for your pet. Let your creativity shine as you transform your furry friend into a fashion sensation. Get ready to embrace the world of pet dress-up and unleash your imagination in Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City!

--------Gacha Fun: Discover New Cats--------
✨Unlock the excitement of the gacha machine and let the anticipation build as you pop open surprise eggs to reveal charming new cats. Each surprise egg contains a cute cat with its own distinct personality and appearance. Collect them all to expand your feline family and create a diverse and adorable cat community. With every spin of the gacha machine, you'll encounter new surprises and delightful moments.

--------Explore the Enchanting Maps--------
✨Immerse yourself in the magical world of Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City through captivating maps.
Visit the school to learn various spells and uncover the mysteries of magic.
Is the shop just an ordinary store? Let the mystical divination and magic mirror reveal the truth.
At the dessert café, indulge in candy synthesis and savor a variety of delectable treats.
And don't forget to take a leisurely stroll in the enchanting cat garden, where you can play and frolic with your feline friends.

--------Fun and Rewarding Minigame--------
✨In addition to all that, we also have a variety of mini games to keep you entertained! From parkour and jumping challenges to fishing and scavenger hunt games, there's something for everyone. With regular updates, our mini-games ensure endless fun and excitement!
✨ Not only are these mini-games incredibly enjoyable, but they also offer fantastic rewards.
By playing these games, you can unlock exclusive furniture for your cats and earn valuable coins. So dive into the world of mini-games and enjoy the thrills while collecting rewards for your furry companions!

❣️In conclusion, this magical game is designed for girls who love pets and adore cats. ❣️
✨ It's not just a dress up game, but also a cats games at heart. If you enjoy Kitty game, you'll surely fall in love with our cute game. With cute cat games, a wide range of dress-up options, it's a delightful experience for those who appreciate cute games.
✨Join us in this enchanting world, filled with meow meow fun and endless entertainment. It's the perfect game for girls who love games for girls and enjoy immersive experiences.
Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City Lovely Cat: Magic Academy City

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June 14, 2023
Moe Dress Up Games
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