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Name Still Alive: Escape The House apk Still Alive: Escape The House apk is the most famous version in the Still Alive: Escape The House apk series of publisher
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Released Sep 23, 2022(2 months ago)
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Welcome to the Still Alive : Escape The House. Tension? Fear? Adventure? Excitement? It’s all here! It’s more than just a horror game, you’ll live the game!

Are you ready for the excitement, the chase, the mysterious events, the excitement you will experience while trying not to get caught by your neighbor, a real adventure?

Everywhere is quiet and you have to be very careful! No one should hear you! You are in Alcazar! Can you control your curiosity? You don’t even know what’s calling you. Look around and make sure no one is watching you. Dark. Take care not to make too much noise. We don’t know if anyone heard you. Now you are at home! This is more than an escape game! Download now and enjoy!

Noticed some oddities? Check that everything is ok.
You must not die! Be careful! Run away from home while you’re still alive!

How is it played?
– Find a way to get into the house.
– Discover what’s weird.
– Don’t get caught!
– Escape the House!

Granny or anyone else, there is no one to help you at home! You can hide in wardrops and under beds. There may be better places to hide, check them out!

You got out of the car in the dark and entered the Alcazar! The risk is your choice. You try to escape from here, but the monsters are after you! Are you ready for the chase? This is a stealth horror game that requires you to escape from the house!

The best way to escape is to find a shortcut.
Be quiet because if he hears the sound, he will come to you instantly!
Be sure to hide! And run not to die!

Discover all the secrets! You can do this. Wondering what the secrets are? You have to be careful not to get caught learning them.

If you die, there is no point in learning the infos.
Gun, pistol, bullet, knives or fighting, what will you do to protect yourself from monsters? Remember, darkness is also the friend of your enemies.In this game you are alone! You are in the middle of the tension!

What are the features of Still Alive : Escape The House?
– Realistic Storytelling
– Best user experience
– Perfect Lighting
– Voice Over

What should I pay attention to while playing the game?
– Dont make noise! He hears you and comes to you right away.
– Choose your hiding places well.
– Focus on escaping the house!
– Try to find shortcuts.

Is Still Alive: Escape The House apk safe?

– Definitely! Still Alive: Escape The House apk doesn’t care about your data. It offers you a mystery & escape game that you will enjoy playing.

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