Sky Bandit: Hero Crystal APK – android version (download now)

Name Sky Bandit: Hero Crystal APK Sky Bandit: Hero Crystal APK is the most famous version in the Sky Bandit: Hero Crystal APK series of publisher
Publisher Macaca Games Inc.
Genre xxx_Editors’ Picks_xxx
Version 1.0.0
Released Sep 25, 2022(2 months ago)
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play Sky Bandit: Hero Crystal APK and  Test your reflex and strategy to earn great reward!

Sky Bandit : Hero Crystal is a competitive arcade game that test your reflex and strategy. Challenge your skills with different game modes such as speed run and survival. Combined with blockchain, equip NFTs and play to earn in tournaments!

– Classic: Eliminate all enemies as quick as you can and collect coins along the way!
– Survival: Survive for as long as you can!
– More to come!
– 3 tiers of Tournaments – Normal, Elite, Grand with different difficulties and prize pool size!

– Your reflex, strategy, and equipment will determine your performance!
– More than 45 skills to unlock by combining NFT traits with the right skill formula!
– Overcome different opponents by keeping a variety of stone combinations to unlock the right skill at the right level!

– Prize pool accumulates when more players join Tournaments. Compete to reach the highest rank!
– Even if you are do not own NFTs, you can still compete in Normal Tournaments and win to earn!
– Reward will be given to all participants during each tournament! The more entries, the higher the chance of winning!

– NFTs vary in stats and traits. Trade with other players to form your own strongest stone set!
– Collect the strongest NFTs and win tournament rewards!

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