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Name Shinigami Soul Agency APK Shinigami Soul Agency APK is the most famous version in the Shinigami Soul Agency APK series of publisher
Publisher Genius Inc
Genre Simulation
Size 41.7M
Version 3.0.26
Released Aug 15, 2022(1 month ago)
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You were only a kid when you initially began seeing Shinigami — powerful creatures whose obligation is to gather the spirits of the fallen.

When you arrived at adulthood, your uncommon ability got you explored to work at a mysterious government office observing their action in Japan.

Sadly, your office life comprises of only dreary desk work and vast gatherings… until one evening, you encounter a phantom — a hazardous nebulous vision that possibly shows up on the off chance that a spirit isn’t effectively recovered.

Before long, reports of these hauntings come pouring in from the nation over, and you’re doled out to a mystery team with the three top Shinigami to research.

As though that wasn’t adequately overpowering, your heart stops when the office chief gives you some chilling news — your own spirit is planned to be gathered in only 30 days.

■ Characters ■

Setsuna – Manager of Task Force Mors
“You have no clue about the thing you’re strolling into, human. On the off chance that you demand being obstinate, help us out and avoid the way.”

The harsh, obtuse, and skeptical leader, Setsuna is one of the most achieved Shinigami of the present day.

He was brought up in a severe climate, and in that capacity, makes it a highlight get things done right.

He immovably accepts that the end legitimizes the means, which frequently prompts contact among you.

Might you at any point assist him with understanding things aren’t generally high contrast, or will you end up as blow-back?

Riku – The Bad-Boy Shinigami
“Heh, you have an incredible disposition. This task could end up being some fun all things considered.”

Riku’s a wild and uproarious nonconformist who deciphers his expected set of responsibilities (and the clothing regulation) however he sees fit, to Setsuna’s wrath.

He has a dirty mouth and acts very pompous to his benefit, however as you get to realize him better, you track down that he’s a truly cordial person.

His standing at the workplace as a chronic womanizer goes before him, so you attempt to keep things proficient, yet you once in a while get him with a distant search in his eyes.

Maybe there’s something else to your raucous partner besides you at first accepted…

Atsushi – The Eccentric Reaper
“I keep thinking about whether your spirit is however lovely as you seem to be? All things considered, we’ll figure out in thirty days~”

Atsushi seems laid-back and lively around his associates, yet his flightiness and dim comical inclination imply that many are frightened by him. By the by, he’s one of the most talented Shinigami at the organization, so it’s nothing unexpected when you figure out he’s an individual from the team.

As you hang out, you rapidly discover that this harvester has an incredible hatred for people, however for reasons unknown, you can’t resist the urge to feel attracted to him and his one of a kind perspective. Is your appreciation for him more than basic interest, or would you say you are driving yourself to your destruction?

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