Sealed with a Demon’s Kiss APK – Japanese Game (Download)

Name Sealed with a Demon's Kiss APK Sealed with a Demon's Kiss APK is the most famous version in the Sealed with a Demon's Kiss APK series of publisher
Publisher Genius Yaoi Studio Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 61.2M
Version 3.0.26
Released Jul 29, 2022(5 months ago)
Available on
Read 330 views

Can forbidden love help you unite Mankind, Angels and Demons?

In the wake of losing your folks to an unforeseen Demon assault, your yearning for equity constrains you to join the Order of the Exorcists and strike back the dim powers of the world.

En route, three daring mates join the battle to save Mankind and to hold you back from imperiling yourself.

As the secrets of the Order and the privileged insights of your partners start to unwind, it ultimately depends on you and your accomplices to safeguard Mankind and save Heaven from the vindictive powers who try to guarantee it for themselves.

Kei : Your Childhood Friend
You and Kei have been there for one another as far back as you can recall.

Yet, when the misfortune that guaranteed your folks’ lives likewise uncovers an upsetting mystery about Kei’s starting points, your obligation to one another is scrutinized.

Will you battle through Kei’s grating guards and contact the warm heart stowing away inside?

Shin : The Heavenly Exorcist
As the teacher relegated to you after joining the Order of the Exorcists, Shin rapidly turns into an incredible impact on your life.

He ends up being one of the Order’s most remarkable individuals, however would he say he is concealing mysteries of his own?

It depends on you to do right by your new guide and to find what rouses his caring nature.

Gaku : The One-Eyed Demon
At the point when your experiences as an Exorcist lead you to Gaku, a Demon whose main fixation is by all accounts revealing reality, your whole comprehension of Demonkind comes into question.

As Gaku pursues magnificence and freedom, you should choose whether or not to remain by him and his quest for harmony.

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