PSI Masquerade APK – Fighting Online Game (Full Download)

Name PSI Masquerade APK PSI Masquerade APK is the most famous version in the PSI Masquerade APK series of publisher
Publisher Mururunsoft
Genre Action
Size 54.4M
Version 0.00.018
Released Aug 6, 2022(5 months ago)
Available on
Read 68 views

PSI Masquerade APK is a web-based activity battling passing game. Battle against different players as one of the numerous mystics who have accumulated in a strange spot.

Not long before the fight starts, the clairvoyant capacities of every mystic, as well as the fight stage, still up in the air.

As well as battling with clairvoyant capacities, there will likewise be a lot of things to battle with, like blades, swords, guns, and drugs.

PSI Masquerade APK likewise includes a fight royale action game mode, yet this isn’t only some normal wide open fight royale.

In this fight royale players can briefly help out different players during the fight.

This game is allowed to play.

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Clairvoyant Abilities:
Ignition, Telekinesis, Time Stopping・・・. PSI Masquerade APK includes a wide assortment of clairvoyant capacities.

Every player’s clairvoyant capacity is arbitrarily resolved not long before the fight starts.

At the point when a clairvoyant capacity is added to the player’s “most loved capacities”, that mystic capacities’ possibilities being picked increment.

Outfit Settings:
The presence of each playable person can be altered exhaustively. Not exclusively could the shade of hair and dress at any point be changed, however covers can be eliminated and adornments, for example, feline ears and creature tails can be worn (outfit settings are available).

In PSI Masquerade APK , players will actually want to send companion solicitations to different players. When a companion demand has been endorsed and the players have become companions, every player will actually want to send fight solicitations to the next. The fight greeting will be sent through message pop-ups on the off chance that the player is disconnected.

Contrasts Between Mobile and PC Versions:
The portable rendition incorporates similar elements as the PC variant in any case, dissimilar to the PC form there will be ads that show up.

The PC rendition of PSI Masquerade APK will be accessible for download on Steam. Not at all like the portable rendition, the PC adaptation won’t utilize message pop-ups to send fight solicitations to disconnected companions.

All things being equal, fight solicitations will be sent through an in-game warning framework. Because of this, players on the PC adaptation might have the option to send fight solicitations to online companions.

Promotion Display Timing in Mobile Version:
The promotions in the portable rendition of the game might show up toward the finish of a match when a player has 0 lives remaining. Players will actually want to recuperate lives by watching notices.

In any case, players are not compelled to observe any commercials. Other than the commercials that show up toward the finish of a match, there could be no different ads in the game.

Moving Accounts:
Moving records to various gadgets is conceivable in PSI Masquerade APK . When a record is moved to another gadget, the record will become unusable on the past gadget.

In any case, assuming you might want to play on the past gadget once more, everything necessary is to re-move your record back to the past gadget.

It is additionally conceivable to move a record from the cell phone adaptation to the PC rendition, as well as the other way around.

Practice Room:
You can move your personality in the “Practice Room” on the “Others” screen at the entry without matching in web-based fights.

Ideal Time Bonus:
In a room made from 14:00 to 14:15 JST, or from 22:00 to 22:15 JST, You can play without conuming life.

Day to day Mission:
Fight multiple times consistently to get 10 Silver Tokens.

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