My Secret Idol Girlfriend – by Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Name My Secret Idol Girlfriend My Secret Idol Girlfriend is the most famous version in the My Secret Idol Girlfriend series of publisher
Publisher Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 71 MB
Version 3.1.2
Released Oct 17, 2022(4 weeks ago)
Available on
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My Secret Idol Girlfriend is a new releases  game by Genius Studio Lose all sense of direction in the mysterious universe of J-pop symbol artists.

My Secret Idol Girlfriend Synopsis :

Aoharu Cinderella is your number one J-pop icon young lady gathering ever, so normally, you’re blissful when your folks surprise you with an extraordinary celebrity pass to their most recent show as a prize for fantastic grades and your new eighteenth birthday celebration.

Be that as it may, when you head behind the stage for a washroom break, you coincidentally find their changing area just to find their greatest star solidly in the center of a closet change!

Really at that time does it hit you — the star you know as Yuko has been your schoolmate Yukino from the beginning!

Better support yourself, since this disclosure is only the first of many as you’re brought into a hurricane visit through being at the center of attention!

My Secret Idol Girlfriend Characters :

Meet Yukino — The Sparkling Star

Undisputed star of the super famous symbol bunch Aoharu Cinderella, Yukino has a colossal and faithful fan base, of which you are a given part.

In front of an audience, she puts on a show of being courteous and refined, however the young lady you know is difficult and concise.

At school, she claims to be tranquil and adademic, driving a great many people to disregard her.

Sadly, there’s no faking her grades, which are horrendous because of the requests of being in front of an audience.

Will you assist with lifting her grades to an untouched high, or is her scholastic standing bound to stay off-key?

Meet Akari — The Gave Administrator

Quiet, gathered, and proficient, Akari is a previous icon who is incredibly able at her particular employment as Yukino’s own director.

She invests heavily in being a piece of the symbol world, and does her best to ensure Yukino doesn’t tumble from fame, as she once did herself.

As a symbol fan, she’s careful about your goals, yet maybe your devotion and defensive nature will assist her with figuring out how to trust once more…

Meet Suzu — The Juvenile Symbol

Your cherished, lifelong companion and an exceptional individual from Aoharu Cinderella, Suzu has acquired a gigantic following as a younger sibling type icon.

She is sweet and blameless on a superficial level, yet you know how clever and — might you venture to say it — manipulative this little minx can be.

In the wake of creating some distance from your old neighborhood, you’ve never truly really thought about her, however there are signs you’ve been at the forefront of her thoughts a ton since grade school.

Will you keep on leftover simply lifelong companions, or will your relationship bloom into something else?

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