Framed by the Yakuza APK – Japanese Puzzle Game (Download)

Name Framed by the Yakuza APK Framed by the Yakuza APK is the most famous version in the Framed by the Yakuza APK series of publisher
Publisher Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 61.6M
Version 3.0.25
Released Jul 19, 2022(4 weeks ago)
Available on
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Play Framed by the Yakuza APK and save the women you love and take revenge on the yakuza who framed you in this Japanese Puzzle Game !

About Framed by the Yakuza APK :

Finally, you’re free. In the wake of a few monotonous years in jail, you’ve been delivered on acceptable conduct — and finally, considering that you were honest all along!
Outlined by the group you used to be a piece of, your heart presently ignites with a requirement for retribution.

Cautioned to avoid the criminal hidden world by your analyst companion, you make an honest effort to do as such while moving back in with your sworn sister… until you find that a lifelong companion is being extorted into working at a decrepit lady club.

Understanding that similar individuals who outlined you are behind everything, you step once more into the yakuza world to fix things.

Framed by the Yakuza APK actors :

-Asami — The Beautiful Hostess

After your delivery, you’re stunned to find your lifelong companion working at a leader bar.

Hurt that you concealed your yakuza association from her, Asami faults you for her conditions and has severed all contact.

In any case, when you hear that she just works there due to being coerced, you resolve to help her departure.

-Izumi — The Hardworking Detective

An investigator with the police, Izumi knows you from your days in the halfway house and perspectives you as a problematic younger sibling.

She trusts in your blamelessness and conveys a harsh admonition to avoid the hidden world, however soon you both end up solidly in a mess.
Maybe with Izumi close by, you can right the wrongs of your past unequivocally…

-Chihiro — Your Sworn Sister

You took Chihiro in a long time back after she took off from her poisonous home life, and she’s been with you from that point forward.

Indeed, even after you were shipped off jail, she hung tight for yourself and stubbornly fought your blamelessness.

In spite of the fact that she’s actually one of the guys, she’s troubled that you’re not in control.
Together, can you get rid of the guilty parties and transform the family into something to be glad for?

Download now Framed by the Yakuza APK and live a new live a new experience of Japanese Puzzle Game .

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