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Name Forest of Destiny: Otome APK Forest of Destiny: Otome APK is the most famous version in the Forest of Destiny: Otome APK series of publisher
Publisher Genius Inc
Genre Casual
Size 62.0M
Version 3.0.23
Released Jun 10, 2022(4 months ago)
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Play Forest of Destiny: Otome APK and Enter the core of the backwoods and meet the attractive creature soul of your fantasies .

Forest of Destiny: Otome APK Synopsis :

Working at your stepfather’s land organization gets significantly more convoluted when three creature spirits uncover themselves to you.

Calling themselves Protectors of the Sacred Forest, they come looking for another Forest Guardian and the resources to save their home from looming annihilation.

Things turn dangerous in additional ways than one when a progression of pyromania assaults appears to focus on your worksite, and it’ll depend on you to oversee pressures on the two sides as you competition to expose the guilty party.

Confronted with the topic of favoring people or spirits, profession or conviction, your head or your heart — which will you pick?

Is it true that you are prepared to acknowledge the job of Forest Guardian?

Determine your destiny in Forest of Destiny adventure!

Forest of Destiny: Otome APK Characters :

Jinta — The Alpha Wolf

The head of his pack and a furious pundit of mankind, Jinta has a nibble that matches his bark. His affection for the timberland is all that persuades him to allow you an opportunity. Could you at any point procure his trust and secure the unwaveringness of his powers for the terrific fight that weaving machines?

Rei — The Stalwart Stag
Conveying prongs implies having balance and equilibrium, the two of which Rei possesses a great deal of. Having invested the longest energy in the human world, he appreciates regard in your conversation and many admirers. Might you at any point assist with facilitating the weight of past offenses?

Midori — The Flirty Fox

However enchanting as he seems to be unflinchingly hopeful, Midori carries an electric environment to all of your experiences.

Behind those sharp eyes lies a set of experiences both unfortunate and enthralling. Could you at any point be his flash of trust when tempest mists accumulate?

Ren — The Cunning Crane

As the fourth Protector of the Sacred Forest, Ren is focused on producing his own way.

fNot set in stone to end the obliteration of his home at any expense, he really focuses minimal on an upstart Forest Guardian.

Might you at any point persuade him that harmony merits going after?

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