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Name Puzzle audition apk Puzzle audition apk is the most famous version in the Puzzle audition apk series of publisher
Publisher HanbitSoft Inc
Genre music
Version 1.11.7
Released Sep 21, 2022(6 days ago)
Available on
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Puzzle audition apk is a Puzzle Audition Dancing Hall Dance Battle Update!!

You know, you’re the coolest when you dance!

The dance battle of 6 members will start today!
Have a dance battle at the dancing hall and become a super insider~

♬ Shh! Starting today, you’re the star of the super insider!

▶A new look at the national rhythm dance game audition!
It’s refreshing and fast!
It’s fun to attack! Various three-match puzzles!

▶ Decorating and bragging as I want
My unique fashion avatar

[Email inquiry]
e-mail : msupport@hanbitsoft.co.kr

※ Guide to app access rights for app use
We need the following access rights to use the app.

[Required access]
Storage space : Permissions required to use instrument photos, file media, and files.

After you agree to the access rights, you can reset or withdraw the access rights as follows:

[Withdraw access rights]
[Android 6.0 and higher]
Settings > Application Management > Select the app > Permissions > Accept or Withdraw Access
[Android version under 6.0]
Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or delete apps

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