Dracula City Master APK – Bloodthirsty Idle Defense

Name Dracula City Master APK Dracula City Master APK is the most famous version in the Dracula City Master APK series of publisher
Publisher Tilting Point
Genre Strategy
Version 1.0.0
Released Sep 25, 2022(2 months ago)
Available on
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Dracula City Master APK is  a game about Bloodthirsty Idle Defense – Conquer the World With Your Vampire Army!

Dracula City Master APK  is a definitive inactive ghastliness tower strategy game!

Lead your own vampire armed force on a mission to vanquish the world, extend your military with the tap of your finger and release swarms of hungry vampires into the world, with one objective – all out control!

Dissimilar to other pinnacle protection games, Dracula City Expert places you accountable for an always extending undead armed force that develops as you scour towns and towns changing over the people you experience into individuals from your ravenous swarm!

The best way to win is to transform each human into a vampire!

Straightforward AND Spellbinding Interactivity
Dracula City Expert is a simple to get, play and expert inactive pinnacle safeguard game that will furnish you with long periods of bloodsucking tomfoolery!

NOT YOUR Normal Pinnacle Safeguard GAME
Not at all like other pinnacle guard games you want to overcome the individuals who attempt to safeguard their city. Develop your military with each new city you overcome – the greater your military the better opportunity you have at winning!

Produce Vampires with The Tap of Your Finger and Vanquish the World With A Steadily Developing Undead Armed force!

Develop All the more Impressive
Gather ruins as you vanquish new urban communities and increment the power and size of your vampire armed force!

Overhaul YOUR Military

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