Dekaron G – Time of Madness PVP/PVE

Name Dekaron G Dekaron G is the most famous version in the Dekaron G series of publisher
Publisher ThumbAge Co.
Genre Role Playing
Version 1.0.0
Released Sep 8, 2022(1 week ago)
Available on
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Welcome, siblings! to Dekaron G , You have presumably come here subsequent to catching wind of the two moons.

You have come with flawless timing. The day, Myseria, the moon of wretchedness and Rickets, the moon of overflow adjust,

the day indisputably the evil ‘Karon’ shows up, is drawing nearer.

I have been hanging tight for a really long time.

A very long time for the people who will meet up to safeguard our territory, our family, and our opportunity.

This is the ideal opportunity to get your swords and whips, quits.
This is the fate of the Dekaron.

Are… you actually grasped by dread?

The best distinction for a Dekaron G is to forfeit.
Be that as it may, there is as a lot to acquire as there is to lose.
Presently, we should learn of the advantages just a Dekaron can insight.

Dekaron G Enrollment Advantages :
◐ Experience: Investigate the secrets of the Trieste Mainland, for example, Ardeca, Haihaff Snow Fields, and so on.
◐ Exchange: Openly trade the things like weapons, shield, skillbooks, and so on.
◐ Organization: Through society participation, you and your kindred Dekaron can perform decent accomplishments, such as, quelling powerful animals.
◐ PVP: on a basic level, all PVP activities are allowed beyond limited regions. Be that as it may, aimless antagonistic activities might make inconvenience others.
◐ PVE: There are no limitations for managing evil. All things considered, that is the justification for what reason we’re here.
◐ Dekaron Pamphlet: We offer a lifetime

What is your take? Might it be said that you are invigorated?
Ok, time passes quickly.
I will leave for Ardeca first,
so if it’s not too much trouble, read the circumstances for turning into a Dekaron prior to following me.

Dekaron G ,
I will truly petition God for your protected excursion.
See you on the front line again healthy.

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