Backrooms Anomaly APK – Horror Mobile Game (Download)

Name Backrooms Anomaly APK Backrooms Anomaly APK is the most famous version in the Backrooms Anomaly APK series of publisher
Publisher IndieFist Horror Games
Genre Adventure
Size 70.7M
Version 1.0.0
Released May 27, 2022(6 months ago)
Available on
Read 587 views

Welcome to Backrooms Anomaly APK , form IndieFist Studio, an infinite laberynth escape room based on the popular internet creepypasta.

Is this a nightmare?
Why can’t you wake up?
Where are you?

A stench of an old ugly carpet…. an endless background noise of some fluorescent lights…a really big maze of empty rooms…. be careful and don’t step out of reality in the wrong areas!

It’s strange, the last thing you remember is opening the door and now you’re in that place, the place some call The Backroom: Anomaly.

How do you descend into the horror of this infinite labyrinthine construction?

In Backrooms Anomaly APK you will explore IndieFist Studio’s , this story is based on Backrooms.

Avoid being a hero and hide from unknown entities and enemies.
Some objects can help you in this nightmare.

This creepypasta arcade will introduce you to a scary journey as a survival terrifying game with amazing maze runners.

Some traps might be around the laberynth. Keep your eyes open, you must find your way back home!A scary maze, horror awaits you in the dark.

Stealth must be your basic skill.Our creepy indie nightmare studio is based on a strange Internet story by the name of “The Backrooms”.

Escape from entities and endure creepy jumps in this creepy and scary survival adventure game.You must play with headphones and in a dark room, as you know, the best environment for a horror game 😉

As you know, at IndieFist we like your comments and suggestions, you can write a review and claim a new maze in our new free game!

Remember, we are contantly upgrading this free escape room.

So you will find a new map in each update and you can also check new fatures and skill to complete faster each map, you will progress will be saved!

Let yourself be enveloped in the most intense nightmare of the Backrooms.

What’s new
-New power Up system!
-Increase flashlight duration and increase 25% run speed!
-Fixed jumpscare with Faceling
-New reveal exit path system!

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