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Name AYAKASHI Lovers apk AYAKASHI Lovers apk is the most famous version in the AYAKASHI Lovers apk series of publisher
Publisher iMel Games
Genre Simulation
Size 452.9 MB
Version 1.0.0
Released Oct 27, 2022(2 weeks ago)
Available on
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AYAKASHI Lovers apk is a new releases  romance simulation game for android mobile game platform .

Each decision you make matters, and it can redirect your sentiment!
Many intriguing dramatizations are sitting tight for you!


The night you lose your family and you are in isolation.
The unfilled house is too large and you feel squashed by depression.

Out of nowhere, three attractive men come to your doorstep.


One is after you. One is safeguarding you. The third one is coming after you.
Also, additionally, they are beasts!
No one but I can see your actual structure.


I’m a relative of an Onmyoji.
Along these lines, I have had the option to see “things that individuals can’t see” since I was a kid.
After the passing of my grandma, the main family I had left, I turned into the last overcomer of my loved ones.
At the point when I was abandoned in a huge house and shaking with loneliness――

With a blaze of lightning, a wonderful young fellow with white hair out of nowhere showed up.
He expressed, “Relative of the onmyoji, my power that has been fixed, I will have it gotten back to you!”


And afterward a resilient man dressed in dark.
“I will safeguard you even at the expense of my life, my Master!”

A wonderful kid with delicate silver hair and red eyes even showed up!
“Hello, sister, will you be my princess?”

The three attractive men who seemed consistently were really beasts.
They attempted to kill me, safeguard me, and, surprisingly, slithered into my bedclothes if I don’t watch out.


What will happen to me?

A pop and wonderful house-sharing experience starts with a blend of people and yokai!

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