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Name Into The Coaching Class APK Into The Coaching Class APK is the most famous version in the Into The Coaching Class APK series of publisher Anjaniputra Games
Publisher Anjaniputra Games
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Released February 13, 2022(9 months ago)
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Into The Coaching Class APK is a Horror, Action and Thriller Game.

Game Concept :
In India so many students do suicide while studying into the coaching class. It is because these coaching institutes is now playing business game with the students. Most of the students studying in these coaching don’t even have any idea of why they are studying there.

These coachings manipulates the students from very beginning and make them feel that doing coaching is very important thing of their life, also they charge very high fees from the students which is not affordable for all. After admission when student come to realise that “why he is doing coaching if he is made for something else ?”.

And this is when students feel depress and demotivated, they feel that this is an end, after losing all hopes they do suicides.

Many students come to Coaching Capital district every year and many do suicides, some comes on news and some not.

And this is the main sole of concept of this game, in this game there is similar kind of coaching class named “Yalgaar Coaching Class”. In this game I tried to represent this dark side of coaching class in a creepy horror way.

our game protagonist “GARIMA” a girl who stuck in a 8th floor of “YALGAAR Coaching Class” building. In first level of the game when she pass through the corridor she says that “she didn’t want to join the coaching, but she did because everyone was doing so”, here we get to know that “Garima” is also one of the student who are not really willing to stay in the coaching by their own decision.

In this game there is ghost in the coaching building, ghost tells to our protagonist that “why are you here if you like singing ?” (written on the walls of the coaching building {Level 2 7th floor}) which means a lot, there are so many metaphor written in the roof, walls and in classes. Every single statement has a deep meaning like “We are the slaves of this shity society”.

The game’s main menu starts at the entry gate of the of the ‘yalgaar coaching class’ and the game also ends at the same spot – entry gate of ‘yalgaar coaching class’.

In the entry gate there is a banner in which written that “together we will make dreams true” and at the opposite side of this banner we will see that there is one more statement which is “no one with you, only you have to do”.

first statement shows from outside of the coaching which means that coaching promise the students that they are together with the, on the other side when students looks the banner from the inside (which means after admission) he see that there is written that no one with you.

Which is again describe the dark secret of this coaching class.

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